Our mission is to assist organizations seeking to transform from a reactive company culture, where constant urgent matters arise and frustration leads the workforce, to a responsive culture where leadership inspires, employees grow, and profits increase.
New Perspectives Communication
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Culture is the foundation for all companies.
 It determines how the employees work, interact, focus and their productivity.  If a company's culture includes it's personnel consistently dealing with urgent matters, managers who are problem seeking instead of solution focused, and turn over is high then the culture has a view towards being reactive.  The results of a company with a reactive culture are a lack of trust, low employee morale, low productivity, high turn over, higher employee benefit costs, unstable reputation and customer satisfaction, and stagnant business growth.  On the other side, if a company's culture includes trust, integrity, energized employees with long-term retention, high productivity, solid customer satisfaction and reputation and consistent annual business growth then the foundation of your culture is responsive.

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Understanding the power within and channeling it in the most positive way has had a profound effect on me, my business and the people around me. Andrea provides a pathway, in an energetic environment for introspection and learning. Once embraced, anyone can use these skills to better enjoy “the journey” and reap the rewards of healthier interpersonal relationships. Steven Lauterback, Lauterback Marketing